Thursday, November 29, 2012

Famous Penis in Plaster

The editors of Bizarre Stuff don't know if "Cynthia" is still around.  But if you ask around the art crowd in Chelsea, Soho, Noho, and Tribecka someone has to know where she can be found.

Jimi Hendrix
(Singer / Guitarist -
Jimi Hendrix Experience)

February 25, 1968

Cynthia's Casting Serial


The Godfather of Whopper Choppers in my collection! Because this was one of my first shots at plaster casting, the end result came out kind of gnarly. I prematurely cracked the mold open, only to find a still-moist, broken cast inside. So yes, Jimi did in fact, break the mold! But thanks to Elmer's Glue, I managed to reconnect the head to the shaft to the testicles. Very statuesque and antique-looking; like Grecian art. The Canadian underground paper Georgia Straight called it the "Penis de Milo." There's no denying that Jimi towers over most of my collection. His long, thick shaft combined with his disproportionately small head brings a shudder to the spinal cord!

Jimi's pubes got stuck in the mold because I didn't lube them enough. I spent the next 15 minutes pulling out each individual hair one by one, while he had intercourse with just the right sized repository — his negative impression! This unexpected delay made him late for his show that evening, where he was seen scratching his crotch a lot onstage.

in an edition of 30:
signed and #'d by Cynthia
limited numbers still available
upon request

length of cast:
5 7/8"

width of base:
3 5/8"

circumference of shaft:
6 1/4"


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