Friday, November 2, 2012

Florida Back In The Weird News Competition

Vida Golac

Over the years these pages have been filled disproportionately with weird people doing weird things in Florida  After a brief hiatus Florida is back in the weird news with a woman trying to smuggle marijuana INTO jail by concealing it in her VAGINA.

The woman told authorities she had nothing to do with the drug because she's a medical student on a scholarship, and was just trying to keep her friends from getting in trouble.

She was arrested by Naples police officers Thursday. An officer stopped the car she was riding in with two others after seeing it drifting between lanes, according to an arrest report. During a search of the car, the officer found marijuana in the back of the car near where she sat.

She said the drug wasn't hers because she's a medical student, and asked the officer to check with the other passengers to see if it was theirs, reports said. The other two passengers denied ownership and were allowed to leave while she was arrested.

On the way to the Naples Jail Center, she told the officer who arrested her he was "ruining her life" and she would now lose her scholarship — "all for something that wasn't hers."
However, jail deputies discovered more weed in her genitals during a strip search. She said she didn't want her friends to get in trouble.

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