Thursday, December 20, 2012

Return of the West African Vampires


~Physical Characteristics~

Most Vampires appear human but change form when fighting or feeding. However, there are a few species which may only attain a human appearance by feeding on humans. The West African Vampire is an example of this.

They are biologically a ‘blank slate’, that is to say they have a rare mutation of the albino gene, which has no skin pigmentation, hair or eye colouring. They literally are a translucent white because their bodies are missing the basic hormones which regulate their colouring. They have the unnerving appearance of a native to the continent of Africa, but with white afro hair, white eyes with small black pupils and a white, sometimes translucent skin.

This species is always male and as such, their feeding is concentrated on human males. (The vampire photo shown here is a female vampire and females can be used for feeding in place of males but ars not recommended. see below)  Because of their translucence The West African Vampire cannot be photographed.  Their choice of meal is not born from luxury; rather it is out of necessity. Not only do they drink the blood of the victim, but they take other fluids from the human body including from the pituitary gland. By ingesting the victim’s blood, hormones and other bodily fluids, the West African Vampire adopts the colouring of its victim and sometimes other physical characteristics. This species is the most like a Shape Shifter, as its appearance can alter depending on the appearance of its meal.

On this note, West African Vampires generally choose human males to feed on because if it fed on a female and imbibed a large amount of oestrogen; it would greatly effect its shift in shape. Although SSIT cannot confirm if this could actually cause the male West African Vampire to change into a female, scientifically we can project it would be worse than a transsexual undergoing medical treatment to change gender.

West African Vampires do not have fangs or sharp elongated teeth, (see photo) and their strength is five times that of a human being. Instead, this species uses the flora or fauna in its native area, such as specific plants or venom that has a paralysing effect, to make poisoned darts and stun their victims. When their prey has been neutralized, the West African Vampire then carries the human to their hide-out/home to slowly drain them. The feeding is a drawn out process as they use many of the victim’s bodily fluids to replenish their own. This is while the human is alive, paralysed and in agony throughout the entire time.

Their longevity is one of the shortest of the Vampire species, reaching 200 years old. Of course, this age can only be reached from successfully hunting to prolong its strength and regeneration. However, if a West African Vampire cannot feed at least once a month, then their metabolic system, strength and life expectancy fails.

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