Friday, January 1, 2010

Copycat 911 Caller Fakes Injuries to Get Cops To Come Get Him, Gets Arrested

Man lies to officials about being shot

ALANA LISTOE Independent Record
Helena, MT December 25, 2009

An intoxicated Townsend man is being charged for numerous offenses, including lying to officials about being shot.

Officials responded to a 911 call about an apparent shooting Tuesday night. A female caller said Von Nicholas Stevens, 39, was headed to St. Peter’s Hospital with a gunshot wound, Broadwater County Sgt. Nick Korthals said.

Korthals said he informed members of the Helena Police Department, Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Department, and hospital personnel who were on hand waiting at the emergency room. Stevens never arrived at the hospital.

Korthals then contacted Stevens by phone. He said he’d run out of gas near Lakeside and was shot and in pain. Stevens told the alleged victim to stay where he was and someone would be out to get him.

Medical personnel arrived on the scene and found a small scratch on Stevens’ ear and some dried blood, but no sign of a gunshot wound.

Korthals said he had several deputies interview people who had been with Stevens at some point throughout the night, but no one mentioned shots being fired. Stevens accused a man of shooting him. But that man can be seen on video surveillance cameras at a local Helena sports bar during the time of the alleged shooting, Korthals said.

“Mr. Stevens continued to change his story,” Korthals said.

Stevens was charged with driving with a suspended license and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday. Korthals said more charges are pending and he anticipates citing Stevens for obstructing justice and false reporting, but the investigation is ongoing.

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