Tuesday, January 5, 2010

NYC - Guide To The Safe Use of Smack

New York City offers junkies guide to successfully shooting up

JANUARY 4--Nobody can say that Mayor Michael Bloomberg isn't a friend to New York City junkies. The Bloomberg administration is distributing a 16-page brochure offering heroin users 10 handy tips when it comes to shooting up. The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene publication is titled "Take Charge, Take Care," and offers advice on avoiding overdoses, proper preparation of your drugs, and taking care of veins in which you inject the narcotics. Other handy tips for addicts include warming up before shooting up by jumping up and down. This causes your veins to pop out for easier injection.

Not included in the booklet, but available on request are photos, one of which is shown above, of advanced stage junkies that illustrate the long term effects of continued use of heroin. The woman in the above photo is 25 years-old and has been using smack since she was 16. Note the large, open sores on her arms.

The brochure has been criticized by law enforcement agencies as a primer for addicts. It has been praised by the Colombian Drug Cartel and the United Drug Dealers of NYC. The Cosa Nostra also has given the booklet its seal of approval and offered its extensive chain of dealers to distribute the booklets to customers. The Bloomberg administration has defended the guide, contending that it would help save lives via the safety tips offered.

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