Wednesday, June 30, 2010

These Ducks Were Made For Eatin'

La. deputies say man planned to eat park duck

Jun 30 2010

CHALMETTE, La. — A St. Bernard Parish man was arrested Monday after sheriff's deputies said he stole a duck from a public park and planned to eat it. The Sheriff's Office said the man, 38, was booked with theft of an animal after someone saw him take a muscovie duck from Sidney Torres Park. A deputy found the man at his home with a duck inside a bucket in his van, authorities said.

Deputies said the man told them he intended to eat the animal.

The duck was returned to the park and set free.

Representatives of P.E.T.A. praised the actions of the police and pointed out the inequality of the rights of animals when confronted by humans. Some people have no regard for the the rights of animals and consider them fair game to be plundered.

Representatives of a local homeless shelter and soup kitchen pointed out that the elitists of organizations such as PETA can afford to go to an expensive restaurant and eat Roast Duck a la Orange and no one will criticize them or come and take their meal away from them. But they applaud the authorities when they prevent a hungry person from trying to put food on his own family's table. It's a double standard.

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