Saturday, September 7, 2013

Attack First, Think Later

Mad mom beats up son’s kindergarten teacher

9-7-13 Kansas City
The Kansas City Police Department reported that an upset mom attacked her six-year-old son’s female elementary school teacher on Sept. 5, and “hit her in the face, jerked her hair and rammed her head against a file cabinet.”
Mad mom Simone Baker, 24, of Kansas City, Mo. was charged by police with inflicting bodily injury on the unidentified kindergarten teacher from the Hickman-Mills School District, according to KCTV.
The teacher suffered modest injuries to her face and arm, and was treated and released from an area hospital.
Reportedly, Baker was angry about a scratch she found on her son’s neck, a scratch the mom accused the teacher of inflicting.
While confronting the teacher, the angry mom yelled, “you better not touch my kid again."
The woman ran behind the teacher's desk and "struck her in the face with an open fist 5 to 10 times as she held" the teacher's arm down to her side, the report says.
She then grabbed the teacher "by her hair and picked her up out of the chair and struck her head against a file cabinet two times."
Baker ran from the classroom after assaulting the teacher,

Originally, Baker’s six-year-old son told his mom that his teacher scratched him, but later recanted his story.  Simone Baker is due in court to face charges on Oct. 22.

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