Friday, September 6, 2013

Yikes! Snake Scare in Starbucks Toilet

Snake comes up toilet in Starbucks

Yes, snakes do come up toilets; just ask Texas businessman Bruce Ahlswede. According to a Sept 5 report on, Ahlswede entered a bathroom at the Starbucks in San Antonio, Tx. and he got quite a surprise. There was a long and narrow snake that had slithered in through the toilet.
Ahlswede summoned the barista to come and wrangle the "python," which prompted a crowd of curious onlookers to join him in the bathroom. ( This would make a good “funniest video .”)This scared the snake, which you can view here, and it slithered back down the coffee shop toilet from whence it came.
There are numerous accounts online of snakes coming up toilets. According to an article on the Slate, there are actually people who have been bitten by a snake while sitting on a toilet!
These are the stories that nightmares are made of, and it’s not an urban legend, either.

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