Monday, August 10, 2009

Dead Infant Starts To Cry At Own Funeral

Baby declared dead heard crying at his wake

Aug 08 2009

A baby born 16 weeks prematurely and declared dead mystified doctors and stunned family members by crying at his own funeral.

The baby was born Friday in Paraguay and was quickly declared dead after doctors could not find a pulse or other vital signs. The family was issued a death certificate and a cardboard box to serve as a makeshift coffin.

When relatives returned home to prepare for the wake, they were shocked to hear the baby crying.

"I opened the box and took the baby out and he cried. I got scared and I said 'the baby's crying' ... and then he started moving his arms, his legs and I got scared, we got very scared," said one member of the family, Liliana Alvarenga.

At first, the hospital refused to believe the family, but soon admitted the baby, who is now in stable condition in the intensive care unit.

The family also says doctors first told them they had a baby girl, when in fact it turned out they had a baby boy.

The hospital has opened an investigation to determine if there was negligence on the part of the medical staff.

The investigation should take about 3 minutes, if done right.

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