Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New York City Puts On Free Sex Show for Park Patrons

New Manhattan park offers naked views of NYC hotel guests

Aug 25 2009

Some guests at a New York City hotel near an elevated park have been offering unobstructed views of themselves.

Guests at the Standard Hotel in Manhattan keep failing to close the curtains as they frolic naked in front of their rooms' floor-to-ceiling windows, easily viewed from the High Line park below. The park recently opened atop an abandoned elevated rail line.

City Council Speaker C___ Q___, a wrinkled old biddy who hasn't gotten laid in 20 years has called the hotel's window action "unacceptable." Yeah, unacceptable because she can't get in on the action.

According to the hotel manager there have been no complaints from hotel guests and they have had repeat visits to the hotel, some couples as many as 3-4 times. "We have had several recent calls about group rates," he said.

Many of the hotel guests appear to enjoy the opportunity to get naked in front of a crowd of anonymous people. One young female guest said it was a real turn on for her to have sex with her boyfriend in front of a crowd. "Here, I'm safe in my hotel room, I'm not breaking any laws and I can act out my wildest sex fantacies, give my boyfriend the ride of his life, and give the voyeurs a good time, too. What an great way to give something back to the community," she said.

One of the hotel guests displaying the least amount of bare flesh agreed to pose for the above photo, on condition of not being identified. She said she was just getting warmed up and planned to strip down to no clothing at all later in the evening. "You can watch me from the park," she chuckled.

Aaron Lipman works in the neighborhood and says the shows are "healthy and fun." He says they're like TV's "Wild Kingdom" and he sometimes brings his 7 year-old granddaughter to 'see the show.'" "My granddaughter tells me there is nothing new for her to see because she sees her mommy and daddy doing the same things all the time."

The hotel issued a statement Monday saying its managers will "try" to "remind guests of the transparency" of the windows. With a 100% occupancy rate I'm sure they will.

The hotel won an award from the Municipal Arts Society of New York for best new building erected last year. Since then it may have had more erections than any other building in the city.

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