Monday, August 17, 2009

Murder for Hire Wife Get's Busted Instead

Dalia Dippolito, who's not exactly ravishing (see photo), got married 6 months ago. She decided a few months into the newly wed game that it wasn't for her. But rather than hire a lawyer, file for divorce, and get rid of that godawful name, Dippolito, Dalia thought she had a better plan. Have he husband killed. So she asked around if anyone knew a killer she could hire.

Eventually, someone smarter than she put her in touch with an undercover police officer, posing as a hit man. Dalia paid the cop $1200 to buy a gun, then arranged a time for the hit so she could establish an alibi and promised him $3000 when the job was done. After her husband had supposedly been murdered, the police came to notify her of the tragedy. She fell into the arms of one of the officers and began sobbing noisily.

She accompanied the police to the station "for some paperwork," where she was introduced to the undercover cop/alleged hit man. She was also informed that her live and well husband was in the next room. She began yelling that she wanted the undercover fake hit man charged with fraud and theft for taking her money under false pretenses. She was booked, fingerprinted, given a new outfit and shower slides, and led off to a cell.

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