Sunday, July 25, 2010

Giant Meerkat Discovered in England - Biologists Baffled - Skeptical

Police officer confirms discovery of giant meerkat

July 25, 2010

Ordinary meerkat and pup, right

Giant meerkat below

A group of Italian tourists discovered a giant meerkat, 36 feet tall, standing atop a small hill, along the A-51 near Chester, early this morning. Astonished and frightened by the size of the animal, they reported it to police in Chester, When asked if they would be willing to submit to sobriety and lie detector tests, the outraged Italians left in a huff, leaving behind a small photo of the animal taken with a cheap Polaroid camera.

Later, a routine police patrol made the same discovery and radioed back to the station for back-up. Before additional reinforcements could arrive, the animal mysteriously disappeared.

British biologists were baffled by the report, noting that the average, full grown meerkat only stands about 12" in height and normally is found only in the Kalihara Desert in Southern Africa. Meerkats live in small groups, known as "mobs" or "gangs," probably because they steal food from other animals and are fierce defenders of their home territory. All members of a "mob" use a common latrine.

The patrol officer confirming the tourists' account was sent for a psychiatric evaluation. The whereabouts of the Italian tourists and the giant meerkat were unknown. A ring up to Scotland Yard revealed that that unit of the British constabulary does not search for lost animals.

A spokesman for the British Mafia said it was a typical police cover-up, claiming the Mafia members were not a "mob" or "gang" and used separate toilets.

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