Monday, July 26, 2010

Life Imitates (bad) Art

Holy Hooligans Batman, These Crooks are Creepy!!!

Remember the good ole’ days when cops were cops and crooks were, well, just plain crooked? Something’s gone terribly awry in Gotham City. In the past few weeks, editors of BizarreStuff have tracked more than their fair share of oddities from stranger-than-life crooks. Just follow the links below:

  • We’ve had Darth Vader rob a bank, armed with a gun instead of a light saber. The evil Sith Lord entered a Chase bank branch in Setauket, New York, about 50 miles east of New York City, on Thursday and demanded cash from a teller.
  • We’ve had the Pittsburgh-area man, the real joker of the crowd, rob a bank wearing a woman's blond wig, fake breasts under his sweater, and sporting clown pants.
  • We’ve had Poison Ivy, accused of robbing two banks -- with a bunch of flowers and a potted plant (Brendan Sullivan was not suspected of being an accomplice, despite the uncanny likeness).
  • We’ve had spanx-sniffing Sharon steal away MacDonald’s booty.
  • And finally, we’ve had the geriatric bilocating bandit whose only costume is an oxygen mask.

Forensic psychologists contacted by BizarreStuff refused to speculate or speak on the record. However, they dished excitedly off the record. One theory suggests this is only a series of publicity hounds seeking their 15 lines of fame on BizarreStuff. Another suggests that the economy has bred boredom which has bred new outlets for stupidity. The most likely theory seems to be the traditional copy-cat criminal, seeking to one up the master.

Okay caped crusaders, stay tuned for tomorrow’s stupid crime, same bat channel, same bat time (actually, we don’t have any more stupid crimes lined up. They just seem to happen with painful regularity).

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