Friday, July 9, 2010

Lead Seductress in U.S. Based Russian Spy Ring

Seductive Russian spy used her physical charms to make contacts in the U.S., allegedly to provide secret information to Russia

July 9, 2010

Vienna, Austria

A beautiful, seductive Russian woman, age 28, is believed to have plied her trade in the darkened hideaways and nightclubs of Washington's elite in an attempt to ingratiate herself with influential U.S. officials. Chapman, pictured, and nine of her Russian spy colleagues pleaded guilty to a felony charge of conspiring to serve as unlawful foreign agents, and agreed never to return to the U.S., as part of an exchange of spies between the U.S. and Russia, in the neutral nation of Austria, birthplace of Beethoven.

It was not revealed by officials in what areas of espionage the sultry Ms. Chapman used her charms to seduce U.S. officials to turn over sensitive information in exchange for Chapman's sexual favors.

Chapman, who previously had lived in England for five years, was married whilst there to a British citizen, who described his former wife as "wild."

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