Friday, July 23, 2010

Multiple Distaff Dumb Crooks - Available in All Hair Colors

Missouri diners flee without paying, but forget purses

Jul 22 2010

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A dine-and-dash escapade went bad when two of the fleeing diners left their purses behind. The Springfield News-Leader reported that no charges had been filed as of midweek against the three women who ran from a Waffle House restaurant Sunday morning without paying their $39 bill. The general manager said the women seemed intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

The Springfield paper said a short time after fleeing, one of the women returned to the restaurant and demanded the purses, contributing more to the dumb factor. Her picture was caught on a video camera at that time and is shown above.

The manager said he told the woman she needed to wait for police to arrive, but she left. (Mgr.may have been infected by Dumb's disease also.)

A police report said the purses contained identifying documents, along with what appeared to be a check stub from another Waffle House in Arkansas.

A clueless spokesperson for Waffle House, Inc., who works in food disposal, said the women obviously were high rollers, hitting two upscale restaurants. "No Burger Kings for these ladies," he continued, "only the finest waffle flour.?" He was fired immediately.


Information from: Springfield News-Leader,

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