Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Man Sets Own Leg Ablaze, Accidentally, Then Get's Ratted Out By His Own Brothers

Police: Man burns prosthetic leg with crack pipe

July 28, 2010

Not the actual man - a model, before burning - Notice the authentic looking teak wood finish. Guaranteed to deceive your own orthopedic surgeon.

A New Mexico man (not shown) who investigators say set his prosthetic leg on fire with a pocketed crack pipe was arrested.

Deputies say they found 47-year-old Randy Malone naked along U.S. 70 with his prosthetic right leg in flames on July 5, the day after Independence Day. He was treated for burns to his leg, back and buttocks. He said he was trying to blow out the flames by running as fast as he could but was unsuccessful. Deputies took him to a nearby pond and held the prosthetic leg under water to douse the flames.

A witness later told authorities he agreed to give Malone a ride into Las Cruces, but dropped him off after the passenger lit a crack pipe inside the vehicle. The driver said he didn't mind until the man refused to give him a toke. "What's the world coming to," complained the driver, "when you do a guy a favor and he won't even share a little of his crack with you?"

Dona Ana County deputies arrested Malone on Sunday at his home after the man's brothers tipped investigators. Malone was being sought on a warrant for making a false report. His brothers said they wanted him out of the house because of their fear he would set fire to the house by setting fire to his prosthetic leg, which they said was proved by the incident while hitch-hiking, thank you very much.

Also contributing to the distortion of this story is a deaf-mute woman in Seattle who declined to give her name because she is not authorized to speak.


Basic information from: Las Cruces Sun-News,

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