Friday, November 21, 2008

Boob Job Gone Sour

Updated: 4/3/10

After an investigation of 18+ months, BizarreStuff is pleased to announce that it has discovered the woman in the photos above is the same woman in an original story in this blog in June, 2008. The woman disappeared shortly thereafter and left no forwarding address.

We asked Judge Legal Dude (JLD) to investigate this matter. After interviewing the owner of every brothel, bar and backstreet boob job clinic in Ciudad Juarez, Viacunya, Laredo, and Matamoros he was unable to locate the woman the subject of the original post. JLD did suggest a possible cover-up conspiracy because everyone he talked to had the exact, same response, as if they had been coached. The judge, who speaks only broken Spanish asked one of the witnesses to write it out for him. "Salgate de aqui tu apendejado hijo de tu madre."

Noting that the expression contained two key words: son (hijo) and mother (madre), JLD thought it might have religious significance, as in: "The father, the son, and the holy........shit......there's no mother in that expression. Just forget it. Friggin' Spanish.

Anyway, the main purpose this dumb story I wish I had never gotten involved with, was to point out the dangers of crossing the border into Mexico for quickie, el cheapo boob jobs. Only two months after her boob surgery, the boobs of this woman became discolored and turned dark brown. (See photos above.)

The woman's companion, and father of their two children, is a big fan of milky white boobs, which, according to him and a half dozen other men who had slept with her in the past 12 months, was the color of the woman's boobs prior to her boob surgery. The woman also pointed out that her youngest child, only 18 months, refused to nurse after the woman's boobs turned dark brown.

For this story the woman was interviewed and photographed twice, the first time in a Mexico City basement and subsequently in Playa del Carmen on the Caribbean coast.

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