Thursday, November 20, 2008

Scalia Does It Again

It appears that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia just doesn't know the rules about ex-parte contacts or socializing with parties or their attorneys who have cases coming up on appeal that Scalia will be called upon to judge. Or, he just doesn't give a damn, because he has a lifetime appointment and can get many more paid vacations from fat-cat lawyers, well-healed parties in litigation, and possibly a few crooks on the side. This time it's with a hot-shot plaintiff's lawyer from Houston who got in on the ground floor with Vioxx litigation

The editor of this blog strongly urges the good judge not to go hunting with Dick Cheney again because the soon-to-be no longer Vice President has a penchant for shooting his own hunting partners. Plus, Cheney is probably not in a very good mood because he only has a few more weeks in which he can torture people, preferably innocent people, and claim it's to protect Americans from terrorists.

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