Sunday, April 3, 2011

Canadian Lawyer Pimped Wife, Now a Prominent Judge

Lawyer Apologizes to His Wife, a Prominent Judge, for Pressuring Ex-Client to Have Sex with Her

Mar 28, 2011
Martha Neil

A Canadian lawyer says he can never apologize enough to his wife, Queen’s Bench Justice Lori Douglas, for pressuring a then-client to have sex with her eight years ago when she was still in practice.

Jack King says his wife, who is being investigated by the Canadian Judicial Council over the incident, knew nothing about the naked photos of her he posted online and gave to the client at the time, reports the Canadian Press.

Said King of Douglas: "She did absolutely nothing wrong other than trust me when she should not have," reports the Toronto Sun. "She tried to indulge me in my strange tastes."

He pleaded guilty today in a professional misconduct case. Lawyers for both sides suggested that a fine would be an appropriate penalty.

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