Monday, April 18, 2011

Meet Stanislaw Jarmolowixz An American Folk Hero - Or, The Day the Music Died

APRIL 12--A California man who used a shotgun to blast the speaker on his son’s stereo will not be facing criminal charges, according to prosecutors. The man told cops he destroyed the speaker because his 24-year-old son--an aspiring DJ--“was playing his ‘disco’ too loud.”

Stanislaw Jarmolowicz, 53, was arrested last week on suspicion of shooting at or into a building. Jarmolowicz, pictured in the mug shot, spent about two days in the Yuba County jail before posting bail Wednesday.

After a review of the case, prosecutors opted not to prosecute Jarmolowicz, chiefly because criminal negligence could not be established since he did not intend to injure his son Anthony. The younger Jarmolowicz uses the handle “Baas” in connection with his DJ pursuits. The 24 year-old son is unemployed and still lives at home at his dad's expense. He feels entitled.

According to a Yuba County Sheriff’s Department report, Jarmolowicz told deputies that he asked his son “several times to turn down the music or use headphones.” When the volume was not lowered, Jarmolowicz retrieved a 16 gauge shotgun from his bedroom, returned to his son’s room, and squelched the speaker with a single blast.

Jarmolowicz told an officer that he had been arguing with his son for weeks, was “very stressed out” and “lost control of his temper.”

The prosecuter's office was deluged with demands that the freeloading son be charged with disturbing the peace.

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