Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Parents Charged in Attack of 73-Year-Old Crossing Guard

Former Parents-of-the-Year wannabees teach their son how to serve up a can of Whup-Ass

4/12/11 Sherene Tagharobi of WILX.com

Darrell Livingston and Shareka McKinney hid behind court documents Tuesday morning as soon as the cameras went on. The parents accused of beating up a 73 year-old-crossing guard April 1 are facing two misdemeanor charges each. Those include assault and battery of James Thompson and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

That minor is their six-year-old son, who police say they told to beat up a fellow first-grader he'd gotten into a playground fight with the day before. James Thompson, the crossing guard, tried to break up the fight, and that's when police say the couple attacked him. Attorney Frederick Blackmond is defending the couple.

They both pleaded not guilty to both charges. Their attorney has not yet submitted his own plea for defending these losers.

Both Livingston and McKinney refused to talk on camera saying coverage of the incident so far has made them look bad. He had hoped for video instead of stills, since the stills don't capture the grace behind his left uppercut. But McKinney did say: "Just look at the pictures. The whole story's untrue. We're not the attackers, he is."

They also say Thompson had a knife and used it on Livingston. Reporters followed up with the crossing guard on that allegation. He says it's a lie. In enlarged photos of the incident taken by a bystander, it does look like Thompson is holding something. Police could not comment on whether or not it was a knife, but to this viewer it seems to be the attackers' dignity.

Judge Louise Alderson banned the couple from communicating with Thompson in any way. She's also considering banning them from speaking to their child (at the child's request).

"Stay away from 500 feet of Thompson's work, school or residence and you don't want to have your friends or family making contact on your behalf," she said. The parents are appealing the order.

Each count could land them three months in jail, a 500 dollar fine, and the ridicule of bloggers across the land.


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