Monday, April 18, 2011

Lady Gaga Does Judas...And the Church

New Gaga song shocks religious leaders - Hallelujah
Which of these two entertainers dresses most outrageously?

Allison Maxwell, USA TODAY (for the basic crap) and the Editors of BizarreStuff

Lady Gaga released Judas, her second single from Born This Way, yesterday, and already religious leaders are in a tizzy, reports The Daily Mail.

In the song, Gaga sings that she is in love with Judas, the traitor who betrayed Jesus Christ. In the video, she reportedly portrays Mary Magdalene and actor Norman Reedus stars as Judas. Judas needed love like everyone else so what's the gripe?

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, told that the star is using shock tactics to advance her career, while acknowledging that this is a common practice of every entertainer and of the Catholic Church itself.

The Pope is always humping for some press time and dresses in ornate garb and a gold crown to call attention to his holiness, i.e., he is full of holes.

A quick survey of everyone available (my Labrados) thought the Pope's attire was more shocking than that of the entertainer. "An old man, dressing like that," said a spokesit for Gaga, "and he wants to talk about shocking? Gimme a break."

The Pope could not be reached for comment as he was hosting a nude bathe-in for a group of young male aspirants to the priesthood, in Salerno.

Donahue, an aspiring pedophile, wants to train for the priesthood himself, to provide greater access to young boys, according to an unidentified friend of a homeless man who asked to remain anonymous. His name is Hieronymous Blickle.

"This is a stunt...Lady Gaga tries to continue to shock Catholics and Christians in general: she dresses as a nun... she swallows the rosary. She has now morphed into a caricature of herself," he told

When asked to define caricature, Donahue was stumped. He did know that Rome is in Italy, however.

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