Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bear's Home Invaded By Trespasser - Bears Have Rights Too

Yellowstone grizzly that may have killed tourist is captured

Kitty Bean Yancey & the BS Editorial Staff

A grizzly bear has been captured near the site where a Michigan hiker was fatally maimed in Yellowstone National Park. DNA samples were taken to determine if the 420-pound male was responsible for the death, the Associated Press reports.

After park staffers set bear traps, the male was captured Friday, the AP says. Hair samples were taken for analysis and a special collar put on the bear so that he can be found again and killed if responsible for the death of the 59-year-old man, who was hiking alone.

Kill the bear? For what? Leave the bear alone. This is a no brainer. People need to stop invading bears' homes.

Park press releases warn hikers to travel in groups of at least three, make a lot of noise and carry bear spray. If they can't follow these simple rules they are on their own. But don't expect the bear to be killed out of revenge. This was only the second fatal bear attack there this summer. Two out of a zillion isn't bad. Yea! Bears.

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