Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Public Defecation And DUI's For Montana Man

Sept. 26, 2011

A Montana man with two DUI warrants was accused of defecating in public in the parking lot of the Lewis and Clark Library in Helena. After making the unauthorized deposit, the homeless man then stumbled to his Toyota Corolla and drove away from the scene.

He was stopped by police and blew a .271 on an intoxilator, more than 3 times the legal limit, indicating he was very, very smashed. These two represent his 4th and firth DUI's, both felonies.

The man is Stanley Gerald Percival, 62. An officer smelled alcohol and spotted a beer can in the car, according to a Justice Court affidavit.

He was also charged for driving without insurance or a valid license.

He is homeless and unemployed, according to his jail booking report.

Police later returned to the parking lot to collect the evidence, shown here, for DNA testing.

His total bonds now amount to $70,000. Like the sign to BizarreStuff says: Percival now is in deep shit.

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