Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Would Be Mississippi Shoplifter Gets Rude Surprise From Live Lobsters Stuffed In His Pants

Shopper arrested with live lobsters in shorts
Sep 07 2011

D'IBERVILLE, Miss. — A man in southern Mississippi is accused of trying to walk out of a D'Iberville grocery store without paying for food items he'd stuffed into his cargo shorts including live lobsters.

Police Chief Wayne Payne says 35-year-old Nathan Mark Hardy was arrested Saturday after allegedly being caught stuffing food into his cargo shorts including two live lobsters. The purloined lobsters did not have their claws bound shut, which must have come as a profound surprise to the would be thief.

Payne says Hardy, of Biloxi, tried to escape by throwing a pork loin at employees at the local Winn Dixie but fell while running away. He was arrested at the scene, begging to have the lobsters removed from his shorts.

The shoplifting charge is a misdemeanor, but Hardy remained jailed Wednesday in the Harrison County jail with no bond pending a hearing on a probation violation.

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