Thursday, October 27, 2011

Impregnable Woman

Stuttgart, Germany

A German man was unable to impregnate his wife, shown on the right, because he was infertile. He hired his neighbor, who resembled him, for several thousand Euros, to have sex with his wife, in spite of heated protests from his neighbor's own wife.

After 72 nights of sexual intercourse with his neighbor's wife over a period of months, the husband demanded that his neighbor be tested also. He too, was found to be sterile, which forced his own wife to admit that their two children had not been fathered by him.

When the original 'wannabe' dad demanded the return of his money, his neighbor refused, saying he had done what he was hired to do, have sex with his neighbor's wife, but he had not guaranteed she would become pregnant.

The wife, smiling through it all, and making note of her own, significant (ass)ets, said it was not her fault and that she would be willing to continue the arrangement with the neighbor or another man or men in an effort to give her husband the child he wants.

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