Saturday, October 1, 2011

Seven (9) Inappropriate Restaurant Names

October 1, 2011

In a rash of rushes to inappropriately name restaurants, several standouts have emerged along with two old timers. Here's the list.

1. Mother Clucker's
Iroquois, Ontario

2. A&K Lick-a-Chick
Bras d'Or, Nova Scotia (These joints are part of a chick licking chain and can be found in places like Nebraska and South Dakota. See photo.)

3. Dirty Dick's Crab House
Nag's Head, NC

4. Hooters

5. Big Pecker's Bar & Grill
Ocean City, MD

6. Thai Me Up
New York, New York

7. Hung Far Low
Portland, OR

8. Big Wong's
Arlington, TX and

9. Big Wong's No. 2
Dallas, Texas

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