Saturday, October 15, 2011

Little Libya (oops) USA

Oct. 15, 2011

In a scene that resembles Libya, Egypt, Iran, Yemen, North Korea, China and other police states, cops in New York City brutalize peaceful protesters of mega thefts by Wall Street goons as a part of Occupy Wall Street.

Frightened tycoons, concerned about the loss of their $200 million annual bonuses for fleecing average Americans with Ponzi schemes and other forms of financial hucksterism, call out the obedient police to put down the protests, which are bad for business.

Meanwhile, the Obama quasi-Repugnican administration sits idly by, with a "ho hum," as it watches Americans being trampled and roughed up in the streets by brutal cops for exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech and peaceful assembly, in protest of the financial plundering of the U.S. by the one per cent and the administration's indifference to massive, long-term unemployment.

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