Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dude Tries To Steal Plane Chained to Tarmac

A dude whipped out a gun and tried to steal a plane at the Woodley Airport in Compton last night. It didn't work out too well for him.

April 22, 2012

Troy Daniel Long, a 25-year-old former flight student from Bellflower, went into the airport office around 8 am yesterday and took the keys to the airplane, according to City News Service. When some employees tried to stop him, he waved a gun at them and got away. He hopped into the cockpit of a Cessna 152, revved up the engine and was ready to go. But the plane wouldn't budge: it was still chained to the tarmac.

"The plane was lurching and bucking against the chain which was holding it in place," said Deputy Peter Gomez of the Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau. "Numerous deputies with guns drawn began yelling for Long to turn off the plane's engine."

The photo below is of an unchained Cessna.

Davis gave up after a while and came out with his hands up, just like it was a regular old carjacking, except that he will probably be facing much more serious federal charges. Long was booked by FBI agents for suspicion of aircraft piracy and taken to the Federal Metropolitan Detention Center.
We're kind of curious about Long's plans and just how far he thought he would get.

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  1. His real intention was to steal the airport runway but his aircraft of choice was too small.