Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Need To Feed

Debates have flared over where it's okay for women to breastfeed in public, but here's one location that's definitely off-limits -- inside a stranger's home with someone else's baby.

That's what happened in South Dakota where a mom was startled to find a woman she didn't know breastfeeding her child in her Brookings bedroom on Sunday, radio station KJJQ reported.

The mom called 911 after she allegedly found the intruder around 5 a.m. feeding her two-month-old infant, according to the Associated Press.

The mother got her baby back from the rogue lactating lady, but the suspect stayed in the house and lay on the resident's bed until police arrived to arrest her.

Brookings police department officials didn't return calls from The Huffington Post, but news reports said the 24-year-old suspect was charged with unlawful occupancy.

Neither the suspect nor victim was identified.

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