Friday, April 13, 2012

Roman Centurions Battle Police At Colosseum

Italian Wannabe Centurions Rebuffed by Cops

Italian men dressed as Roman centurions scuffled with police today outside Rome's Colosseum during a protest over the right to pose for photos with tourists for money.

A British newspaper's Rome correspondent says one man was carried off on a stretcher as about 60 centurions, some waving fake swords, and their supporters blocked tourists from entering the ancient Colosseum.

The Guardian says a crackdown on the centurions followed claims that they were selling fake tours to tourists and pressuring them to hand over a lot of money for a photograph. The newspaper says 30 were arrested last August.

A spokesman for the centurions says a group has met with local authorities and they would like to arrange to get licenses and IDs.

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