Thursday, July 28, 2011

Australian Woman Files Work Comp Complaint For Injury Sustained During Hotel Sex Session

Aussie Woman Seeks Workers Comp for Injury During Hotel Sex

Not necessarily the actual woman

Jul 27, 2011

An Australian woman who was having sex with an acquaintance in 2007 was injured when a wall-mounted light fell on her during the highly strenuous encounter that rattled the walls. The woman, a federal employee, is seeking workers compensation because the incident occurred during a business trip, according to Sydney newspapers.

The woman insists that having sex on a business trip is an “ordinary incident of life” that entitles her to payment under the workers compensation laws. She said she was highly active during sex and had had beds collapse under her during the act. The court did not reveal her name and she might or might not be the woman in the above photo. An administrative appeals tribunal earlier denied her claim.

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