Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bold Vienna Pot Growers Lose Downtown Crop

Police: Cannabis grown on busy Vienna thoroughfare

Jul 29 2011

VIENNA — Vienna police thwarted an unusual cannabis "ring" _ hemp growing along the Austrian capital's busy Ring Street which encircles the city's center.

Alerted by a news article about the illegal crop, police officers on Friday plucked a 200-meter stretch of green space along the three-lane street clean of the offending plants.

They acted after a Viennese biology student walking along the Ringstrasse identified the green sprouts poking through bark mulch beneath the stately trees lining the street and told the Heute about his discovery.

Tens of thousands of Viennese pot smokers were stunned by the loss as marijuana prices on the street took a jump following the crop bust.

An investigation was launched into the activities of local police who were possible suspects in the cultivation of the cannabis plants.

Certain parts of this story may not be true. Readers are encouraged to guess which parts could be false.

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