Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Possible Improvement In National Gene Pool Reported In California

Authorities: 3 swept over waterfall presumed dead

Jul 20 2011 07:33PM CST


Three tourists from California, 2 males and one female, ignored a warning sign and warnings from other tourists not to cross a metal barricade blocking passage onto slick rocks high above the raging Merced River, swollen by recent rain and run-off. But they were determined to get a photo on a large rock in the middle of the river and plowed ahead, heedless of the warnings, no doubt believing they were invincible.

They of course lost their footing on the slick granite rock, first the woman, and then, one by one, all three plunged into the river 317 feet below where they were swept over the Vernal Fall (see photo) to their presumed deaths.

An unidentified tourist who witnessed the incident said it must have been a spectacular ride down the Fall, a once in a lifetime experience.

_________, 22, of Modesto; __________, 27, of Turlock; and _________, 21, of Manteca were the victims. They were part of a close-knit community of Christians from the Middle East who have settled in California's Central Valley.

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