Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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July 12, 2011
Southern Utah

In an amazing display of 'getting even' a group of four elderly U.S. vacationers, each of whom holds a black belt in karate, decided to give a bullying gang of bikers a taste of their own medicine and a lesson in courtesy. They beat the bikers within an inch of their lives for belittling the older folks, making threatening remarks, forcefully taking their picnic lunch, and shoving one of the elderly women against a rock facing. By the time the melee was over, 3 of the bikers had broken limbs and two had to be care-flighted to a hospital in Western Colorado.

Utah public officials refused to file charges against the group of older tourists based on complaints made by the bikers.

"It was hilarious," said a police spokesman who declined to be identified on the grounds of insomnia. "These old guys and gals were whaling on these so-called tough-guy bikers and the bikers were begging for mercy and police protection. They'll think twice before they try to take advantage of others they perceive as being weaker in the future," he opined.

None of the beat-up bikers was willing to be interviewed for this story, claiming they were surprised and sand-bagged by the old folks. The bikers' motorsickles were impounded by the police and the bikers will have to travel to Provo to reclaim them and pay transport and storage fees.

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