Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mercy Killing in Georgia

Georgia delays execution of inmate for 1 day

Jul 20 2011

(AP Photo/Georgia Department of Corrections)

In an extraordinary display of mercy, Georgia prison officials delayed the execution of Andrew DeYoung for one day. It was the first time in history that the state of Georgia has displayed mercy for anyone for any reason. Prison officials and no one else in the state would give any reason for the delay, saying only that it was for procedural reasons. There was no indication that Mr. DeYoung was overjoyed at receiving one extra day of life on death row.

DeYoung brutally murdered his mother, father and sister (a younger brother escaped the family home before his brother could get to him) in an attempt to gain control of his parents' assets so he could start a business of his own. He had read that most new businesses fail because of a shortage of capital so his actions were based on sound business principles.

Now, we will never know if he could have succeeded.

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