Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Supreme Court Advertises Its Favored Clients

July 20, 2011

In an effort to increase their incomes five justices of the U.S. Supreme Court have decided to rent themselves to the highest corporate bidders in return for favorable rulings in cases involving the corporations and their economic interests.

The original idea came from Justice Clarence Thomas, whose wife suggested it during sex, in an effort to spur his flagging libido.

Called "Rent-A-Robe," the new business is registered in a foreign nation with which the U.S. has no diplomatic relations and no treaties governing the conduct of business affairs between the two countries. "The justices can do pretty much whatever they want to, no questions asked," according to an unidentified official of the unidentified nation. "All we ask is a 25% cut of all monies they receive for selling their votes to large corporations," according to a spokesperson for the unidentified nation.

The U.S. Department of Justice, in a pre-recorded statement made January 21, 2001, said it could not intervene in any activities of the Supremes because of the separation of powers principle.

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