Friday, July 29, 2011

Oregon "Looker" Crosses Wal-Mart Off Her Shopping List

A woman from Eugene, Oregon says she was embarrassed and humiliated when Wal-Mart employees told her to leave the store because she was wearing an item of apparel she had bought at the big box retailer last summer. She said she never would shop there again if Wal-Mart was ashamed of its own clothing it sells to customers. She said she was finished shopping at trendy stores like Wal-Mart and would stick to the Goodwill Outlet stores and Family Dollar stores for her future shopping needs.

"I am a good looking woman who gets hit on plenty at the beach when I wear my string bikini," according to the woman. She feels Wal-Mart should welcome her because she attracts male shoppers and increases Wal-Mart's business. "The men follow me all over the store and even out into the parking lot, yelling at me."

A Wal-Mart spokesperson said the woman looked like an ugly, fat pig in the string bikini, with her shaved head and tattoos all over her arms and body that men and women alike complained about. Men were not trying to hit on her; they were trying to hit her to get her to leave the store, according to a "hot" young shopper.

Wal-Mart also said the woman was verbally abusive to other customers who told her to put some clothes on because she made them sick.

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  1. Yo... could you find a a video of the reporter in the same bikini? Wait. Never mind. My eyes just flamed out.