Friday, January 16, 2009

Bizarre Stuff Announces Staff Additions

BizarreStuff is pleased to announce the addition of Kristin Rozzell-Murray to the editorial staff. Dr. Rozzell-Murray currently teaches at De Paul University in Chicago. She is married and has a two year-old daughter who was named after an American motor oil, Amalie. Dr. Rozzell's experience as a writer is expected to upgrade the quality of BizarreStuff's bizarre stuff. Additionally, Dr. Rozell is an internationally recognized expert on hawks.

We are pleased also to announce the future association of Anaiah Johnson as a contributing editor. Mr. Johnson currently lives in Austin, with his wife and family.

Mr. Randorita Allen of Oxford, Mississippi, continues to be an important element of the BizarreStuff editorial staff.

Everyone at BizarreStuff joins me in welcoming Dr. Rozzell-Murray and we all look forward to her first post and many more in the future. For our many readers who live in or near Chicago we decided to post a photo of Dr. Rozzell-Murray, but after thinking about it, decided not to. Sorry.

Dr. J.
Editor and Publisher

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