Friday, January 16, 2009

"Dummy" Turns Free Dope Over To Cops - Daughter Pissed Off

DENTON, Texas(AP) January 16, 2009

A man in Denton, Texas who was expecting a shipment of tools instead received a 30-pound brick of marijuana that police say is worth more than $10,000. Officer Ryan Grelle says the man opened the box Monday night, realized it contained drugs and contacted police.

The package from the Pharr area was handled by UPS in McAllen on Jan. 6. and apparently was intended for a Dallas address.

The Denton Record-Chronicle reports no such address exists in Dallas, so the package wound up 40 miles to the northwest at the similar address in Denton.

The Denton man's daughter, age 17, when informed of the unexpected gift, said her dad is a dummy, and that much weed could have lasted her all the way through college and made her very popular with guys. "I'm just sick about the entire incident," she was quoted as remarking. "It's like turning down a $10,000 scholarship."

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