Saturday, March 21, 2009

California Department of Corrections Man of the Year - Charles Manson

(AP Photo/California State Prison, Corcoran)

This photo of inmate Charles Manson was taken Wednesday March 18, 2009 at Corcoran State Prison, Calif. The photo of the 74-year-old Manson was taken Wednesday as part of a routine update of files on inmates at Corcoran State Prison, where he is serving a life sentence for conspiring to murder seven people, said Seth Unger, spokesman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Over the years Manson has repeatedly told the Parole Board that he was not rehabilitated, didn't intend to be rehabilitated, and didn't want to be paroled....that if he were paroled he would go find someone to kill, maybe one of the members of the Parole Board or one of their family members. The Board always has honored his request.

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