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Meet the Deavers, Building a Kentucky Blood Line for the Future

Linda & James Deaver

Sister, Brother Convicted Of Incest: "How Sweet it is to be loved by you."

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A Kenton County man had to prove that he was no longer capable of fathering children, after he pled guilty of incest with his sister, resulting in two children.

In August 2006, a social worker for Families and Children's Dept. of Community Based Services reported to Covington Police that James Deaver of Newport, may have impregnated his sister Linda Deaver.

Covington Det. Brian Frodge discovered that James, 40, was a registered sex offender after having been convicted of incest in Campbell County in 1998.

Frodge also learned that the prior incest conviction was the result of a consensual sexual relationship with his 37-year-old sister Linda.

The prior relationship resulted in the birth of a child that was seriously developmentally delayed.

After awaiting the birth of the second child, Frodge obtained DNA samples from the child and James. DNA testing through the Kentucky State Police Forensic Crime Lab indicated that there was a 99.99-percent chance that James was the father. James and Linda indicated there was a 100% chance that he was the father.

Frodge obtained arrest warrants for both James and Linda Deaver in November 2007.

Both Deavers were indicted for incest in February 2008. Linda pled guilty as charged March 26, and agreed to testify against James. And June 30, he also pled guilty as charged. At the plea hearing James told the Judge, "Your honor, you just do the best you can. My sister and I have always been very close. We always tried to help each other out. That's what families are for."

After receiving proof from defense counsel that James had voluntarily undergone a procedure to render him incapable of fathering more children(a dickectomy), Asst. Commonwealth's Attorney Laura Ward recommended a sentence of five years probated for five years on the condition that he have no contact with Linda and continue to register as a sexual offender.

Final sentencing for both defendants is July 29.

Information obtained from Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Sanders’ weekly newsletter.
Kentucky Post

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