Thursday, March 12, 2009

What Do You Do With a "Hot" Bulldozer?

Stolen bulldozer buried at Texas golf course for 10 years. Looks like new. Must see to appreciate.

Mar 12 2009 09:21PM EST

A golf course in Texas had a heavy duty hazard: A bulldozer reported stolen a decade ago was found buried under a fairway.

The Dallas Morning News reports Thursday that investigators located the bulldozer at Canyon West Golf Course in Weatherford.

Detective Tyler Farrell with the Tarrant Regional Auto Crimes Task Force says a former golf course worker contacted authorities after noticing part of the bulldozer while fertilizing the course.

Farrell says a tractor also used to build the golf course was reported stolen after work began in 1996 and has not been recovered. It was speculated that the thieves, probably workers building the golf course, buried the dozer, intending to return for it later but forgot about it.

A suggestion that the entire golf course be dug up with the recovered bulldozer was rejected as cost inefficient. "You can't dig up a $40 million golf course to try to locate a $10,000 tractor," said the CEO of the Golf Club. His 7 year-old daughter, who was present at the interview, asked, "Why not? It would be fun."

Weatherford is 30 miles west of Fort Worth, which has no bearing on anything mentioned in this story. The editor said we needed to fill out the block.

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