Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pesky Pythons on Worldwide Rampage

KATHERINE, Australia, March 16 (UPI) -- An Australian woman said a python slithered onto her property and swallowed her 12.8-pound dog.

Patty Buntine said she became concerned Wednesday when her Maltese terrier mix, Bindi, did not show up for breakfast at 7 a.m. in her Katherine, Australia, home, the Northern Territory News reported Monday.

"She was always there so I got worried and went to look for her," she said. "I went around the side of the house and that's when I found the snake. It couldn't move and had its head up in a striking position.

"It's belly was bulging -- it looked like a great big coconut was inside it. I knew straight away that it had ate Bindi," she said.

Snake catcher David Reed of Reedy's Reptiles came to Buntine's home to collect the reptile.

"I've had a lot of calls about dogs that have been bitten by snakes, and I have even had an olive python that had eaten some new-born puppies, but never one like this," Reed wrote on his Web site,

He said that by swallowing Bindi, the snake had consumed 60 percent of its body weight. He said the reptile was still digesting its meal nearly a week after the incident.

Reed apparently hasn't been keeping up with snake news dot com lately because he failed to mention the world champion creature eating python from the Florida everglades that ingested an alligator, until it died from indigestion. Then there was the python that ate a pregnant sheep. It killed him, too. The python shown above is a youngster compared to these other big guys, at only 32". He's practicing by eating golf balls. (shown in x-ray) Pythons seem to be the dumb blondes of animal food selection. Golf balls?

Pythons used to be seen only in horror movies. Now you can have one show up as a guest for morning tea. But our own puny, adolescent python would be no match for the Florida python that tried to swallow that alligator in a case of mistaken identity. The gator, dissatisfied with its new surroundings, ripped the python's gut open from the inside out, creating a God-awful mess and making the python wish it had selected from the Lite menu instead. (See story and photo below)

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