Monday, March 30, 2009

Was This Part of the Job Description?

This dude really gets around. Second appearance on Bizarre Stuff. Needs to consult a urologist.

Man accused of urinating on Connecticut casino worker
Mar 30 2009 07:14PM CST

Police said a New Hampshire man was arrested early Monday after allegedly urinating on an employee at the MGM Grand Casino at Foxwoods. Police said the man, 39, began urinating inside a concourse trash can and then on a casino employee.

Police charged the man with breach of peace. They said he was intoxicated and was arrested without incident.

After wringing out his pant leg, the casino worker returned to his post but gamblers complained of a strong stench of urine. The employee was sent home and docked one day's pay. His boss said he should have stepped aside to avoid being pissed on.

The employee quit, telling his boss, "Piss on you."

The man was scheduled to appear April 14 in New London Superior Court. The pisser, not the pissee.

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