Thursday, April 16, 2009

Astonishing Discovery by Curator of a Photo of Leona Helmsley As a Teenager

Leona age 86 left/ Leona age 19 right

Curator Uncovers Old Helmsley Photo

Greenwich,CN April 16, 09

A curator, appointed by a Connecticut probate court, was gathering and assembling some of the billionaire hotelier Leona Helmsley's papers, in preparation for storage, when she discovered a discolored envelope containing what appeared to be old family photos.

On closer inspection one of the photographs turned out to be of Ms. Helmsley when she was attending the Choates College for Young Women, an exclusive private college in New Haven near Yale University.

The photo revealed the extraordinary success of Ms. Helmsley's carefully guarded secret method for looking young. "She was always greatly concerned with her appearance," said a business associate of her late husband's, Edgar Corbin, who asked not to be identified. Ms. Helmsley, in recent photos taken one year before her death, bears an uncanny resemblance to Ms. Helmsley when she was only 19.

When shown the photograph, one of Manhattan's premier make-up artists, who requested anonymity, said, "That's truly remarkable. I've never seen a woman before who was able to maintain almost her same appearance as a very young woman into her mid 80s. I wish I knew her secret; I could be a very rich man. She always looked so gorgeous."

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  1. In a follow up to the story about Leona Helmsley, the NY man who told reporters that Ms. Helmsley was "gorgeous" all her life, was involutarily committed to an institution for the senile. After viewing the photos, a NY probate judge stated the man in question was clearly demented and needed to be institutionalized to prevent him from harming himself. His court appointed attorney started to protest the court's decision, arguing that Ms. Helmsley was gorgeous in his opinion, too. On reflection, he decided to withdraw his protest.