Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Man Robbed By Woman Claims "She Seemed Like a Nice Girl To Me."

4/29/09 Detroit 09:25

Detroit Man Fooled By Hooker's Identity?

A 30 year-old man from Detroit told police he was rolled and robbed by a young woman he met on a street corner who requested his assistance with a personal problem.

On entering the man's hotel room, the woman began to weep unconsolably and was unable to speak, according to the victim. When he approached her, to try to comfort her, the woman kicked him violently in his testicles. As he lay on the floor, writhing in pan, the young woman took his wallet from his pant pocket, offered to urinate on his face if it would make him happier, and left, with the wallet.

She was arrested only several hours later when she attempted to use the man's credit card to buy wine at a convenience store. The clerk became suspicious because the woman couldn't produce any identification, and called police. She was arrested one block from the scene.

The victim, who described the woman as young, attractive and very innocent looking, was able to identify her from a police line-up.

The victim was then arrested on suspicion of solicitation of prostitution and ordered by a municipal judge to undergo a mental competency exam after listening to the man's story and examining a photo of the woman.

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