Sunday, April 12, 2009

Not for the Squeamish.

April 12, 2009 Miami, Fla

Hooker and Shill After Hotel Room Dust-Up.

In a follow up to a recent, 3/31 Mar., bizarre story published here, involving a TV shill and a Miami hooker, we are pleased to offer more recent police photos of the argumentative duo in their hospital beds. The hooker allegedly severely masticated the shill's tongue and refused to let go. The shill proceeded to emulsify the hooker's face in an effort to break her toothsome grip on his tongue. Blood flowed freely from both parties. Each was charged with assault and battery.

The altercation occurred after the hooker agreed to have straight sex with the shill for $1,000. The loving pair adjourned to the shill's $750 per night room.

Hotel staff estimated cleaning costs for the bloodied room at $1250. That's $3,000 for a bloody tongue.

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