Saturday, April 11, 2009

Patriotic Lunacy - One Man's Descent into Dementia

Man wears patriotism on his sleeve and face and probably his ass.

His Everett home is also painted red, white and blue

Holy Toledo!


EVERETT -- Sam Bloomfield presses his hands together and casts his eyes skyward in thanks for his country.

Under his left eye: "God Bless America."

Under his right: "Land of the Free."

Even larger across his forehead is "USA."

Sam Bloomfield has a tattoo of the American flag on his face. Some of his neighbors have suggested that he should be run up a flagpole.

Sam wants people to read the words inked into his skin and think about them. They are words known by every second grade child in America. So who is he talking to?

He grew up poor. He stowed away on a boat from American Samoa to California, and landed as an illegal alien. Later he was able to get a green card, in 1976.

Sam believed America was a country with gold lying around in the streets.

He was drawn by stories of opportunity and images of money as abundant as suburban grass clippings. But he soon was working his Samoan ass off, cutting and packaging crab and salmon in a seafood warehouse.

Sam went so far as to paint his house red and white. Then he added a blue shingle roof. He had to take out a second mortgage to pay for all that crap. His banker was a bonehead and now Sam is facing foreclosure because the warehouse shut down and the owner committed suicide.

It took Same $1500 and 3 months to have his face ruined forever. It hurt like hell but Sam thanked God anyway.

Head to toe, Bloomfield has more than 100 tattoos, including the flags of 20 countries. Most were done by hand by his wife, Dora, who believes Sam is crazy.

He is so crazy that if the president asked him to fight in Iraq, he would. Some in the world don't like Americans, but that's the way life is, he says.

"Who cares? America is the best country in the world! America is like a police officer, stepping in to make others shake hands.

"We don't sit down and watch people die. We help speed up the process by supplying their dictators with enough ordnance to sink South America."

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