Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Use for Packing Tape Discovered By Colorado Woman

Cops: Woman Taped Puppy To Refrigerator

Colorado student, 20, told police, "I know this looks really bad" Cop replied, "So do you."

APRIL 14--Meet Abby Toll. The University of Colorado student, 20, is facing a felony animal abuse rap after she allegedly taped her boyfriend's puppy upside down to the side of a refrigerator in a bid to teach the rambunctious animal a "lesson." According to police, Toll used clear packing tape early this morning to adhere the eight-month-old dog (a Shiba Inu named Rex) to the appliance in the kitchen of her boyfriend's apartment. Toll allegedly was angry at Bryan Beck, 21, for failing to get rid of the puppy, which, Toll told cops, bit her a few days ago and was ugly. The same officer quoted above responded to Toll, "So are you."

On entering Beck's apartment, where police had been summoned by neighbors about a fight between the couple, they discovered that "Rex's body was completely encased in packing tape." When Officer Kara Jurczenia asked what was on the side of the fridge, Toll replied, "The dog." Toll added, "I know this looks really bad, but the dog bites." Jurczenia asked how long the puppy had been taped upside down to the side of the refrigerator. "Not long," Toll replied. "Like 20-30 minutes. It was just until he calmed down."

When Beck saw his dog stuck to the refrigerator, he told Toll, "Take him down," adding, "You are so sick!" Toll replied, "No, you are sick for not caring enough about me to get rid of the dog." Beck said, "F--k you!" Toll responded, "No, f--k you." One of the officers responded, "You're both under arrest."

The puppy was handed over to the Boulder Valley Humane Society. Toll, seen in the above mug shot, was turned over to county jailers. Beck, who was arrested in connection with his scuffle with Toll, was not charged with animal abuse. Though he did reportedly tell police, "We were going to get rid of him anyway. We usually don't do this."


  1. I don't understand this ruling. We always taped our puppy to the side of the refrigerator when we had to go out on errands for less than a couple of hours. It kept him from peeing on the floor.

  2. You dolt. You should be taped upside down to the side of a deep freezer until your eyes turned yellow. What an idiot.